Business or Pleasure? Outfit your stationery collection for both.

Business or Pleasure? Outfit your stationery collection for both.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re big advocates of having a stationery collection. Like a great clothing wardrobe, your stationery collection should include essentials for every occasion — social and professional. The gushing, abbreviation-ladden note you send to your long distance bestie is not the same note you’d send to your excellent yet very traditional boss — same goes for the stationery. But if writing notes is like going to the gym (i.e. you won’t go unless it’s super convenient), it’s always good to be well-stocked in supplies so that when the time for that thank you note to your co-worker comes around…you’ll be ready.  

Here are some guidelines for what we always keep on hand to cover our social and professional bases. 

Something fancy. 

Whether you’re gratefully accepting a promotion, inviting your boss to drinks or thanking your co-worker for picking up your slack, a little elegance will go a long way in the stationery department. Keep your professional messages short and sweet, and you’ll be sure to impress higher ups and colleagues with your effortless etiquette. 

We recommend: Flourish Notecards, Bespoke Stationery  

Something fun. 

For sweet missives, exciting invites, and friendly thank yous, we recommend keeping an arsenal of playful stationery at your fingertips. Because you never know when your best friend is going to send a bottle of wine over right when you need it, or your sister is going to get promoted, or you're going to suddenly feel like you need to throw a party or you’ll perish — and you’ll need to send mail accordingly. 

We recommend: Happy Hour Notecards, Sunkissed Notecards, Vices Notecards  

Something versatile. 

For everything else — from the newlywed notes to the retirement congrats to the just-because-I-love-yous — you’ll need some versatile stock. Keep it easy and fun, with just the right amount of whimsy. 

We recommend: Tutti Fruity Notecards, Flirty Notecards, Shroomy Notecards 

Something birthday. 

Because literally everyone has a birthday.  

We recommend: Fete Notecards, Birthday Notecards