How to Build (and Organize) a Beautiful Stationery Collection

How to Build (and Organize) a Beautiful Stationery Collection

We’ve all been there: it’s your best friend’s birthday and you don’t have a card. So you rush to the closest shop but all you can find are less-than-ideal options (i.e. cats in sunglasses). It’s time to build up your paper goods collection, so you’ll always have what you need for any celebration, consolation, or sweet nothing you need to send. But since building up your stationery stash is a fine art, you’ll probably need some guidance. That’s what we’re here for. 

Start with the Basics 

First, assess what you have. If you have a drawer stuffed with random envelopes and notecards, empty it and set it aside to add to your collection as it grows. When it comes to purchasing new stationery, begin with what you know you’ll need: notecards, letter sheets, envelopes and small enclosure cards. Make sure you have a few different sizes of each item. Then, when you have some stock, start to organize your collection according to use (i.e. thank you cards, birthday cards, letter writing sheets). Now it’s time to reintroduce the pieces you had lying around, adding them into your newly organized stacks. (P.S. If sorting by size is easier for you, that’s great, too!)

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Get Personal 

It’s always good to have a stationery set or two with your name or initials engraved on it. It’s an elegant and fun way to personalize your letters, and works well for professional correspondence. Separate business and pleasure by using different font types to distinguish your personal stationery collection from the one you use for work.


Make Space 

The way you store your stationery is almost as important as the collection itself. For larger collections of cards, use lucite boxes and tape one card to the outside of box so you can see what’s inside. Other great storage solutions include canvas boxes or in-drawer organizers, (for those of you with adorable writing desks). 


Make It a Family Affair

Pass on your love of letter writing by getting a different stationery set for each member of the family. Have them choose the colors, fonts, and patterns that best represent their personal style.


Don’t Save It, Use It!

Great stationery is meant to be used, so don’t feel like you have to save it for those special moments. Get into the habit of using it whenever you feel inspired.  


On a More Serious Note...

During more somber times, you’ll be glad to have condolence notes on hand. Just make sure the aesthetic is appropriate - neutral colors and classic font-face are best.


Get Silly

Always have some playful cards at-the-ready to pull out for those extra-fun occasions. Our Naughty Notecards set is the perfect way to add some whimsy to your collection. (Naughty Notecards)