You, Me, Après Ski: The ultimate guide for a snowy-chic getaway—actual skiing not required. 

You, Me, Après Ski: The ultimate guide for a snowy-chic getaway—actual skiing not required. 

It’s late January, dear Dear Annabelle friends. Which means we’re probably all feeling a little cooped up and ready to switch things up with a getaway of sorts. Our vote? A good old fashioned ski trip. 

Okay, so maybe you haven’t skied since you were six. And maybe you can’t think of any shape more frightening than a black diamond. Maybe you don’t reeealllly like being cold. And yet, you dream of those blissful hours after the skiing has happened, when you can lounge, sweater-clad and toddy in hand, in front of a blazing fire in a big cozy cabin with all of your closest friends. Why, you often find yourself wondering, do we have to zoom down steep mountains at all? Why not head straight for the armchair by the fire? Can’t it all be apres ski? 

Well yes, yes it can be. When it comes to realizing your personal snow bunny dreams, we say follow your bliss. Here’s some inspiration for a weekend of indoor fun—black diamonds optional.  

The Invite — Our Dear Annabelle Apres Ski Invites make it easy for you to rally your peeps. Just fill in the blanks once you’ve booked the chalet. 

The Crew — Three words: fun friends only. Choose at least one friend who will want to stay in and read/play/drink with you while the others hit the slopes.

The Food — Melt everyone’s heart by throwing a throwback Fondue Party — as delicious as it is fun. 

The Booze — Keep things toasty with a Honey Bourbon Hot Toddy (or six) 

The Game — Cook up some competition at cocktail hour with this super-chic checkers set Edie Parker Checkers Set 

The Outfit — Just because you’re not hitting the slopes doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part. We love getting inspired by vintage snow bunny looks from decades past.

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