When Things Get Tough, Write a Letter

When Things Get Tough, Write a Letter

This year has been tough, to say the least. We’ve seen our friends lose their jobs. We’ve seen people we care about get sick and lose loved ones. We’ve witnessed our parent friends hitting their limits with homeschooling while trying to work. Each of us is bearing a new weight in some way, and has gone through periods of extreme isolation (literally and metaphorically). It’s been a lot, but out of the darkness, there have been so many beacons of hope — one of them being the connection we’ve fostered with the people we love who are far away. 

Yes, we’ve mastered the awkward family Zoom call, and yes, we’ve increased our texts to our best friends ten fold. But here at Dear Annabelle, we’re most interested in how hand-written letters can help us stay connected in trying times.

Here are a few tips for sending love to someone who needs it right now.  

  1. Don’t wait for an occasion. 

When someone’s going through it, they need to know you’re thinking of them every day, not just on their birthdays or holidays. Write your note as soon as you realize they’re having a hard time, and send asap. 

  1. Acknowledge their hardship. 

Feeling seen and understood makes everyone feel better. By not glossing over the issue they’re having, they’ll know you’re truly there for them in their hardship. Something as simple as I am so sorry you lost your job can help ground someone as they process their pain. 

  1. Add some lightness. 

Just because you’re acknowledging hardship doesn’t mean you have to be a downer. Feel free to add some humor in at your sign off, or reference the good times ahead. Let them know you’ll be here through all of it.  

And while we’re at it, we’d love to extend our own condolences to those who have lost someone or something important this year. We hope we can help to inspire meaningful connection, heartfelt gratitude, and a little bit of laughter for the year ahead. 


The Dear Annabelle Team