The best stamps ever, according to our founder

The best stamps ever, according to our founder

Here at Dear Annabelle, our obsession with stationery goes well beyond the paper we write on. We dream about the perfect pen (and have nightmares about running out of ink mid-sentence). We care deeply about envelope liners. So naturally, we’re particular about our stamps. We’re always on the lookout for good ones, and when we see them we never fail to stock up. Below, find a list of our founder Marcie’s current and vintage faves, plus resources for where to order them for yourself. 



“I always love a heart, and I like how simple and un-fussy this current design is. Add it to love notes or sweet hellos.”   

Shop the Made of Hearts stamp here.


“I love the idea of giving respect to these working pups, especially since my family just got a labrador retriever of our own.. Send to your favorite dog lover.” 

Shop the Military Working Dogs stamp here.


“Snowy Day was a favorite read during my childhood, and these stamps remind me of the innocent winter excitement of that book.” 

Shop the Snowy Day stamp here.



“These vintage love stamps are as sweet as it gets. I can imagine adding these to my Valentines, or an invitation to a bachelorette party or girls brunch.”  

View the stamp here.


“This cactus stamp transports me to another place and time. Take me back to Mexico!” 

View the stamp here. 


“This is truly my favorite stamp of all time. (Yes, I have a favorite stamp!) It’s the Garden Botanical design circa 2004, and I cannot describe the joy it brings when I see it.” 

View the stamp here. 


“I love Ellsworth Kelly and I love rainbows. Double win.” 

Shop the Ellsworth Kelly rainbow stamp here.


Looking for vintage stamps? My favorite resources are Enfield Post, Edelweiss Post, Little Postage House and Etsy.  Make sure to buy unused ones if you are planning to use them and be sure to add up the postage to make sure it is 55 cents!