Signing Off: How to end a letter in style

Signing Off: How to end a letter in style

Let’s face it: goodbyes are hard. Especially in letter form, where the right ending can go a long way. Over here at Dear Annabelle, we love to geek out on all things epistolary, so we did a deep dive into the many ways to say adieu, and put together a list of our favorites for every occasion. Try one out on your next letter and see how it feels — it may just become your new signature. 

Ciao for now — Perfect for casual hellos, see-you-soons, and foreign correspondence 

With gratitudeFor friends who’ve helped you out or professional thank-yous 

All my loveClassically romantic or tenderly familial 

XOXO For your BFF or new beau 

Cordially — For very occasional very professional correspondence 

Signing offFormal yet funny for your favorite pen pal

BestSafe for Work 

Cheerio — The perfect silly sign off 

Peace & loveHippie-inspired and full of hope, perfect for holiday notes 

Eternally yoursFor long letters to long distance lovers 

Ta ta for now! (TTFN!) — For cute notes to your crazy girlfriends 

Sincerely — When in doubt, choose sincerity