Season’s Greetings:
Marcie’s Fall Picks

Season’s Greetings: </br>Marcie’s Fall Picks

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There’s something about the fresh start that comes with the turn of the weather and the start of school for the kids that always invigorates me. It’s been a tough year, and I’m finding comfort in small things like a favorite sweater or a new set of good pens, as well as the rituals that come with each season. Here are some things that get me excited about the cozy, productive fall months ahead. 


Sweater weather. 

“In fall, I find I reach for the same few sweaters again and again. That’s why it’s so important to invest in the perfect cozy staples that feel elevated yet easy. La Lingne always delivers on the sweater front — I especially love this ribbed cashmere cutie.” 


La Ligne - Mini Toujours Sweater


Back to school.  

“Growing up, I always loved shopping for school supplies every September. When I buy my kids new notebooks and binders, I always stock up on new writing utensils for myself. I love these fine point markers, in all the colors of the rainbow. Major bonus that the ink doesn’t dry out even if you leave them uncapped.” 

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen Sets


Good jeans. 

“Nothing is more versatile in fall than a great pair of jeans. My favorite denim at the moment comes from the L.A. based brand SLVRLAKE. The cuts are cool but still really flattering — especially the Lou Lou cut.”  

SLVRLAKE - Lou Lou Stretch Mid-Rise Slim-Leg Jeans


Lip service.  

“Cold weather does a number on skin and lips, so I make sure to keep mine super hydrated. Gee Beauty makes the best lip care — from glosses to collagen-boosting treatments that make a huge difference.” 

Gee Beauty - LipToxyl X3

Gee Beauty - Smoothing Balm 

Soup’s on.  

“My go-to fall meal is a one-pot soup, stew or chili. It’s so easy and comforting, and the whole family appreciates the warmth after a cold day. My sister, Laurie Lloyd always has the best recipes on her blog, LivLight. This yummy turkey chili is one of my favorites.” 

LivLight - Redone Turkey Chili

Love letter. 

Racy Notecards

“My favorite Dear Annabelle design for fall is the new Racy Notecard Set. I love changing up my monogrammed stationery to suit the season or my mood, and this one has just the right mix of elegance and nostalgia for fall.”