Letters in the time of Bridgerton: Embracing all things romantic

Letters in the time of Bridgerton: Embracing all things romantic

Maybe it’s because we’re letter people, but watching (okay, binging) Bridgerton brought on a very specific craving: to write a letter using a quill pen while wearing a corset. This wouldn’t be just any letter, though. It would be full of the latest gossip, laced with unrecognizable old-fashioned terminology, and delivered by horse and buggy. To receive such a letter, we imagined, would be pure, old-fashioned joy. 

In the spirit of the series, we’ve put together a list of Bridgerton-inspired ideas to liven up your letter writing life. (Scandals not included.)

Set the mood. Okay, so maybe you don’t have a corset and quill handy, but you can still conjure the Bridgerton mood at your letter writing table. Maybe it’s a spot of tea in your grandma’s tea set, a tiny glass of sherry, or a few well-placed column candles. Skip the sweatpants and don your best dress, because you can — and should — look elegant at all times. 

Speak the language. We loved learning new terms while watching the series, and can’t help but want to use them in our letters (and text messages) to fellow Bridgerton bingers. Invite your friend to promenade instead of walk, comment on their countenance during your last Zoom call, or inquire about the new rake (fun-loving guy) in their lives. 

Re-learn cursive. Bring back that grade school training and make your letter look elegant AF. 

Channel your inner Lady Whistledown. Yes, we’re giving you permission to gossip. And/or assume a secret identity. 

Embrace the romance. Our favorite thing about Bridgerton, scandals and society balls aside, is the genuine romance of it all. Between Daphne and Simon, yes, but also in general, in the long candle lit dinners, pastel frocks, translucent gloves, and endless dancing. We’re planning on channelling this romantic energy all through spring and summer, and we invite you to do the same.