Letter Lesson: How to ask someone to be in your wedding.

Letter Lesson: How to ask someone to be in your wedding.

Sooooo, you’re engaged. Woo hoo! And your wedding is going to be in person. Double woo hoo! Now it’s time to get your bridal crew on board, so that you have an entourage of love and support behind you as you prep for the big day. We’ve compiled a list of ways to ask your besties that show them just how much they mean to you — and let’s you both have a little fun while you’re at it. 

Make an event out of it. 

Whether it’s a girl’s wine night or a big group brunch, a planned party can be a great way to create a celebratory vibe — and bring your whole crew together, possibly for the first time. These gals will most likely be spending some QT together over the next months, so what better way to get to know each other than with bottomless mimosas? Invite them with our fill-in-the-bank invites, and kick off the hilarious convos with our Place Card Sets.  

Other fun event ideas: Girls getaway, drink and draw art night, pool party, group hike, spa day. 

Mail in request. 

There’s nothing quite as chic as sending a handwritten note in the mail, formally asking someone to be in your wedding. Not only will your friend feel incredibly special when she opens it, but she’ll be able to keep it as a memento forever. In terms of what to write? Go with your gut, depending on the nature of your friendship. Write a funny poem, pen your own friendship vows, or keep it short and sweet — the only thing that matters is that it’s from the heart. As for the card itself, you can’t go wrong with our Flourish Notecards or Je T’aime Notecards

Give a little. 

Though it’s by no means required, a thoughtful gift can mean so much when you’re asking someone to be a part of your celebration. Whether it’s a bottle of the wine you always drink together, a meaningful object, or a set of monogrammed  stationery, your bridesmaid-to-be will love your thoughtfulness in this special moment.