Letter Lesson: How to Write a Thank You Note

<i>Letter Lesson:</i> How to Write a Thank You Note
Let’s be honest: sometimes writing thank you notes can feel like an obligation (“write thank you notes” can linger on a to-do list for weeks). But here’s the thing: sharing your gratitude doesn’t have to be long-winded or belabored — it can be a moment of reflection, joy and fun. Here are some tips to help inspire your words of gratitude.

Better Late Than Never

The Miss Manners fans out there know that when it comes to thank you letters, promptness is key. If you’re writing your letters after a special event, sending within a week is ideal. But if you can’t send them out that quickly...send them anyway. They’ll still be appreciated and the extra time may actually allow you to reflect on what to say. Our engraved Gratitude Notecard Set gives you a simple, elegant starting off point. (Gratitude Notecards)


Be Specific

Referring to the gift and how you will use it makes the person who gave it to you feel like you truly value it. (Example: I absolutely love the Hermes tray! I plan on using it at the bar cart at our annual autumn cocktail party.) If the gift was given to one of your children, explain how much they love it and have them sign the bottom of the card with their name. (If they’re too young to write, a few sweet scribbles are just perfect.) 


Make a Date

End your thank you note letting the person know you cannot wait to see them again soon. Offer suggestions for your next rendezvous, (beach day soon?) or extend an invitation to your next soiree. 


Extend the Thank You

Typically, we write thank you letters after a big event or receiving gifts from friends and family. But what about writing a letter of gratitude for...no reason at all? Whether its to that teacher who inspired you in grade school or a friend who helped you through a tough time, there’s always someone in your life who deserves to be thanked for their kindness and generosity. And plus, you’ll absolutely make their day.