How to Make a Mail Plan

How to Make a Mail Plan

Life is hectic, and we know you’ve got loads on your to-do list every day — especially lately. Writing notes or letters can feel like another box you have to check, (which means that it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list). But we have a game-changing secret to share with you: The Mail Plan. What’s a Mail Plan, you ask? It’s an easy (and fun!) way to streamline your note-writing, so that it never hangs over your head. Ready? Read on. 

Step One: Stock Up 

The number one reason writing someone a note can feel daunting is that you don’t have all your supplies accessible and ready. We like to stock our stationery collection up at the New Year, so that we have enough birthday, thank you, and holiday specific cards in our arsenal. (See our post on starting your stationery collection to get more ideas!) Be sure to grab some that are multi-purpose for those last-minute noteworthy occasions. Then, designate a space in your home that’s dedicated to note-writing, (yes, it can be your kitchen table!), where your stationery and favorite pens are easily accessible. 

Step Two: Mark Your Calendars 

Whether you’re an old school hand-written datebook kind of person or a google cal guru, your calendar will come in handy as you set up your Mail Plan. Go through and mark all the special occasions in one swoop. Then make a list of all the occasions that require notes for each month. Finally, mark off a time on your calendar (we like to schedule an hour at the first of each month) to write all the month’s notes at once. 

Step Three: Throw Yourself a Letter Party 

This is the fun part. You’ve got your supplies, you’ve got your list, now all you have to do is write (and maybe lick some envelopes). Make this a joyous part of your routine by adding a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, putting on your favorite music, and maybe lighting a candle. Your relaxed energy will come through in your notes, we promise! Or invite a friend over to make it social. 

Step Four: Signed, Sealed, Delivered  

When it comes to sending your notes, you don’t want to send them all off at the first of the month, as they might arrive too early for holidays or birthdays later in the month. We suggest sending them in two batches — one for anything in the first two weeks, and another for the second half of the month. Don’t worry if you’re a little early for someone’s birthday, it’ll only make the sentiment feel more thoughtful if it arrives a few days ahead.

Step Five: Last-minute Letters 

Whether it’s a thank you for an impromptu dinner party or a birthday you’re just remembering the day-of, there’s bound to be some last-minute note needs in your life. Do not fear! If the bulk of your notes are out of the way and you have your supplies at the ready, it’ll feel easy to attend to these one-offs. And remember, a few words are enough — it truly is the thought (and the heart!) that counts.