How to be the best neighbor ever

How to be the best neighbor ever

Whether it’s a cup of sugar or just a friendly face, a neighbor can often offer a particular kind of joy — especially during a time when we have such little IRL interaction. Inspired to up your neighbor game a bit? Read on for fun ways to connect with people in your building, on your block, or down the road. Hint: sometimes it’s as easy as starting the morning with a smile. 

It’s all about the check in. We all love to be checked in on, whether it’s by family and friends or the people we share an elevator with. Send an occasional text or email to your neighbors to see how they’re doing, and let them know you’re thinking of them. We promise this little gesture won’t go unnoticed.

Notes are always a good idea. There’s nothing quite as neighborly as a handwritten note, whether it’s tucked into a neighbor’s mailbox or slid under their apartment door. Leave notes on special occasions like birthdays (if you know them) and holidays, or for no reason at all. If you get a new neighbor, it’s always nice to leave them a welcome note. They’ll feel immediately included in the community, and you’ll be the first person they ask to borrow a cup of sugar. 

Chivalry is definitely not dead. Hold the elevator door. Shovel their snowy steps if they’re out of town for a blizzard. Bring their mail in for them. These little actions can make someone’s day or even week, and you’ll most likely get lots of favors in return. 

Never underestimate the power of a baked good. Whether it’s homemade cookies or a box of doughnuts from the best local spot, there’s nothing as sweet as opening your door to find a box of delicious treats. Leave morsels on holidays, birthdays or as a gesture of good will if you happened to have thrown a boisterous dinner party the night before. 

Celebrate together. A great way to get to know your neighbors is to party plan with them. Talk about hosting a block party or neighborhood get together to keep the community spirit alive. 

Smile. Sometimes all you need to do to be a good neighbor is to give the easiest thing of all: a big smile. You never know when that simple offering of kindness will totally change someone’s day — or how it might change your own.